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3-In-One Change-out


3-In-One Change-out

While moving in to their new retirement home on the lake just west of the Twin Cities, owners Ken and Linda had contacted the local propane supplier of the residence they had just bought with questions pertaining to how much L.P. had been delivered to the home during the last heating season. The answer they got had them meeting with local contractors in search of alternatives to the existing domestic hot water and in-floor radiant heating systems.

The exisitng system was simple but inefficient.  Three atmospheric 40 gallon L.P. tank water heaters were installed to do the work of what could easily be done by one appliance with the proper components added.  We did a heat load calculation for the radiant system (basement only) and found the Taco X-block could handle the Btu/hr demand at desing conditions. Add to that the ability of the A.O. Smith Vertex water heater a 96% energy factor and the proposed system was sure to perform at a much more fuel friendly rate.

The propane company had reported back to the customer that the previous year had brought about the delivery of over 1500 gallons of fuel.  Having only one appliance instead of three to maintain was the deciding factor for the owners; having the reliability of the Vertex and consuming about half of the L.P. as the year before was the icing on the cake.


A.O. Smith Vertex condensing water heater GDHE, 100K Btu/hr L.P. 50 Gallon

Taco X-Pump Block radiant control, pump & heat exchanger system w/ ODR

Replaced Equipment:

(2) A.O. Smith 40 gallon “ProMax” atmospheric vented water heater

(1) Bradford White 40 gallon atmosheric vented water heater

Embassy radinat tubing & manifold

Central MN, Rock Lake


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