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2014-2015 Winter Forecast: Cold?

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2014-2015 Winter Forecast: Cold?

As we move into fall I cannot help but think back to last winter’s Polar Vortex and all the business it brought my way here on the northern plains. So far we’ve had somewhat inconsistent patterns moving through the area with those back-and-forth temperatures that make for scheduling outside vs. inside work a pain.


Weather forecasters such as those from The Weather Channel and AccuWeather.com have predicted our upcoming winter temps to be variable and inconsistent at best. With heavier than normal snow forecast for the Northeast and Vortex-like temps likely in the Midwest its no wonder our friends over on the West coast will be basking in their predicted “Mild & Dry” all the while wondering why in the hell we live where we do. So, in a nutshell, the forecast for those of us who actually have a fourth season looks to be anything but normal. Or is it? In any case I would place my money on the sure thing: not summer.


My circle of friends and clients has grown tired of my outward yearning for colder-than-normal temps for the upcoming season. I cannot predict the weather, although as each year passes I buy into the whole joint pain indicator more and more but I digress. Maybe a few more gas valves, igniters and pumps than normal will fill the shelves of my shop lying in the wait for the unknown. One thing is for sure; the only real weather update I can rely on is what’s happening right outside my door.


Here’s to another [hopefully] good old-fashioned bitterly cold winter and the opportunities it brings you and your business.

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  1. Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams10-22-2014

    The weather is a mixed bag. As a masonry restoration contractor, mortar can’t set up when it freezes. Some are willing to pay for heat and cover though for emergency repairs. What hurts us is when winter lasts well into spring and jobs start a month late.

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